Now that the ONLINE BOOKING system is finally working, I’ve been able to now adjust the hours that I can practice in the clinic. Now I can finally release some time in the evenings to offer treatment to those that are unable to attend daytime treatment sessions.

Great for those working during the day, if you’re currently still needing to be home for childcare or just find that theres errands that do take over your day; now you can pay a trip to ‘the Body Engineer’, at a time that might be more suitable for you.

Check out the BOOKING system, visit , simply click on the BOOK NOW button & see if theres a time slot thats perfect for you.

I hope to offer you the relax, rebalance or rehabilitation, that you may be in need of, very soon.

Also feel free to follow the instagram stream for more exciting updates and new offers….

instagram | @anthony_thebodyengineer

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