Yoga teachers Inner Sanctum…

Welcome to my special place, where all my class planning and thinking come together.

Planning practices is actually one of the most challenging aspects of Yoga teaching, for me. Ensuring that the details of ‘how’ I structure a practice, what’s the goals and benefits of the approach, what’s the concept of the practice? These are all contemplations that run through my mind whilst I sit on this chair.

Whilst it is a challenge, it’s a challenge that I find great peace in; diving with imagination into the function of the body is one of my most happy places….strange guy indeed!

I hope to see you joining me on the mat, or perhaps in the upcoming online content that I am slowly building, soon to be released as the ‘Body Engineering’ sequences on the site….

If you’d like to have a tailor-made sequence plan, to respond directly to your body, your needs, your goals…check out my YogaClinic page. Perhaps book a consultation session with me, where we can assess your practice, your anatomy and give specific planned sequences, to try to address your physical situation, enhance your practice and reduce pain in postures too….

visit, the website for more info:

Creating specific postural sequences to respond to biomechanical concepts…

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