Welcome to the Body Engineer’s NEW HOME!

Over the last few weeks, preparations have been made for ‘the Body Engineer’ to move to a new home! And now its happened!!!

Now located inside ‘Yogaground’ on Weena-Zuid 148, in the centre of Rotterdam, ‘the Body Engineer’ is now really at the heart of the city. Close to Rotterdam Centraal Station, the hustle and bustle of the city centre; our new space is a wonderful haven for those who need some space to escape and receive high-quality and effective massage treatment, Soft Tissue Therapy treatment (for those with more complex physiological complaints) and my new initiative ‘Body Engineering‘ (a 1-to-1 consultation to take a look at biomechanical function, postural issues and treatment around restrictions/issues in movement).

For more information, or even to make your first booking, visit:


you can also follow ‘the Body Engineer’ on Instagram, for more information, announcements, images and videos… @anthony_thebodyengineer


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