Making the most of lockdown…

These unusual times have, I’m certain, challenged us in ways we never thought imaginable. However I find myself, this evening, contemplating the many things that lockdown has offered me. The most prominent recognition, it the opportunity to continue exploring and studying the body, in all its wonderment. Reading interesting research and guidance from great folks-of-knowledge; … Continue reading Making the most of lockdown…

Establishing ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’ sessions in Rotterdam

It has been an exciting period for me, as 'the Body Engineer', launching myself as a therapist here in Rotterdam, with fantastic support from partners, in particular 'Balanzs', allowing me to offer massage at their space in Mariniersweg. Having treated a lot of wonderful clients, I am excited to be now expanding my practice into … Continue reading Establishing ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’ sessions in Rotterdam

What is ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’

 Soft Tissue Therapy combines many manual therapy techniques  (eg. Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Technique and Muscle Energy Techniques) giving multiple tools to address issues in the soft tissues of the body (muscle, tendon & ligaments).  Rather than simply giving a general massage, Soft Tissue Therapy is focused upon searching for the … Continue reading What is ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’

New beginnings in the Netherlands

Having now arrived in Rotterdam, completing the process of registering as a Self-employed freelancing Yoga teacher and massage therapist, I feel full of excitement and enthusiasm to begin my new career here, in the Netherlands. It's already been a 'hitting the ground running' situation, with some wonderful meetings with vibrant and entrepreneurial folks, all working … Continue reading New beginnings in the Netherlands

Thai massage training completed!

Certification of completing 90hrs of training in 'Traditional Thai Yoga Massage' It is a wonderful feeling to have successfully graduated from the 'Sunshine Massage School' in Chiang Mai, Thailand; having completed 90hrs of training in 'Traditional Thai Massage'. It's safe to say that a whole world of physiological and healing approaches, even within this one … Continue reading Thai massage training completed!

Week 1 at the ‘Sunshine Massage School’ | Chiang Mai (Thailand)

So, following a hefty yet wonderful week of diving deep into the practices of Traditional Thai Yoga massage, my mind is truly blown! "Sunshine Massage School" in Chiang Mai, Thailand Our very experienced tutors, Tiwa and Sicha, have been incredibly caring, detailed and supportive with each of the students on the course, giving lots of … Continue reading Week 1 at the ‘Sunshine Massage School’ | Chiang Mai (Thailand)