Movement & Yoga

Movement has played a major part in my entire life; both as a competitive International Acrobatic Gymnast, as well as a Professional dancer, until 2018. I have accumulated a lot of experiential knowledge of the moving body, in physically demanding competitive sport, but also the aesthetic fluidity and expressionism that can be found in the body through dance.

Now, whilst I train as a Physiotherapist at the European School of Physiotherapy (Amsterdam), I continue to work with the body, but now as a teacher and therapist.

Through both my postural Yoga classes, as well as my movement-based ‘MOVE’ classes (all at Yogaground), I hope to give participants experiences that both challenge their capabilities, whilst also paying deep attention to the quality of the movements that they make.

I genuinely believe that movement is the best medicine for both the body and the mind; so why not join me in the studio sometime and explore!

All Yoga & Move classes can be found and booked, via the Yogaground website and app.