Getting to know the Spine…

This week I have been following an Online training course, with the highly regarded Yoga researcher/teacher ‘Bernie Clarke’ (Author of ‘Your Spine Your Yoga’ & ‘Your Body Your Yoga’) collaborating with Dr Stuart McGill PHD (author of ‘the Back Mechanic’ & highly respected spinal health specialist).

It’s been a fascinating dive into a detailed conversation around spinal mechanics, health & practices to avoids pain & improve spinal resilience to problems; which I will be sure to reference in both my teaching and my clinical practice.

One of the main aspects to this training, that I take away with me, is the importance of improving the stability and resilience of the spine, perhaps to some degree over mobility. In Yoga classes often favour the idea of mobility is the panacea, for issues in the body; but perhaps this generalised ideology is not at all a healthy model to base teaching upon.

If we ensure good, clean, efficient spinal control; yes, we might then work to enhance mobility. But as Stuart often would state in this training…

“You can’t have it both ways”

Dr Stuart McGill

As we gradually enhance mobility, we then see the destabilisation and a gradual move towards instability. Instability in the spine is placing the spine into a vulnerable situation, particularly when bearing load; often the moment where injury occurs.

The other quotation that is often referenced by both Dr Stuart McGill & Bernie Clarke is,

It depends…

‘Your Spine Your Yoga’ – Online Course

The idea of creating universal codes, for responding to situations, is the journey to find the impossible. ‘Our individual body demands individual treatment’, as I once wrote in a blog post.

The remedy, to escape issues and pain in the spine, is a journey; and a journey best shared on a more private and 1-on-1 consultation basis. The strategy will different with each persons anatomy, biography and psychology.

A big Thankyou to Bernie ( & Dr Stuart McGill (‘’) for their inspiring teaching; and also to @yoga_international ( for providing such a great learning opportunity…

If you’d be interested in a 1-on-1 ‘Yoga Clinic’ session (a private Yoga consultation session), please visit theYogaClinic page on my website….

a postural Yoga practice, during the course…

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